"Call for help" was the traditional protocol in need of medical attention. It then became normal for patients to go to physician offices.


Healthcare remains bound within clinics, centres or facilities, becoming a bottleneck to the growing count of medical professionals & the population seeking aid.

HomeHealthNewtork empowers care-seekers & care-providers as co-developers of health: enabling efficient medical practice at-home -- setting a healthcare partner for each, raising well-being in the community.


Experience (and research) proves that an individual receiving personalized & well-rounded care at home has a better chance at complete recovery.

We consider every visit as an opportunity to address whole-person life-long health goals. Catering to each individually improves outcome, benefits health & widens possibility for long-term effect.

HHN amplifies scope & impact for primary healthcare at large; connecting to cure on the ground - integrating medical sectors to support practice, thereby increasing success rate (corollary, freeing specialty-hospitals for quality secondary & tertiary care).


HHN has a team of doctors who are a multidisciplinary team with a combined experience of 80+ years, having nurtured thousands of people to optimal health. 

Our diagnosis is accurate & speedy.

We take complete responsibility (one-on-one) until cure.


"I can shut everything else and focus on each person (patient & rapt) to gain control over the disease; treat & tackle complications while making sense out of no-sense (understanding an abnormality or condition) in an individual (with unique needs, traits, responses)... committing time, resources and efforts."

Dr G R Dhanvanth

General & Laparoscopic Surgery, Wound Management 


We are experts at curing a chronic condition ably and quicker than anticipated. 

“I have never turned down an at-risk case; instead brought top specialists to handle complications. Continuing learning until today, available anytime with optimism & compassion has proven supportive, built trust & enabled cooperation among women, thereby helping successfully enhance natural reproductive health.” 


Dr K Ganapriya Raveentharan

Antenatal care, High-Risk Obstetrics, Infertility management

We understand health issues are emotionally strenuous. Compassion empowers us to cure.

"I remember to be gentle... keeping it conversational & personal in each interaction; tracing on-going stresses from daily life to treat symptoms; helping relief from pain as early as possible; ensuring that every individual (or the whole family) is safe, healthy & doing well under my care."

Dr G R Himaja

Family Healthcare

We are invested in long-term holistic health, aiming to improve quality of life.

"I handhold women, interacting with their families, available through the course of treatment; closely monitoring responses, course-correcting using apt practices, catering to full body needs while resolving a constraint - hence helping get back to everyday activities, feel better/ get healthier overall.”

Dr S Priyanka Dhanvanth

Fertility, Gynecology & Obstetrics


HealthCare is our primary responsibility. House visits have always been an extension of our medical practice.

HomeHealthNetwork fuels our ability and spirit, connecting us easily & efficiently to fully treat as many.