How to keep my family safe during lockdown?

Stay informed & follow advice on Covid-19 from your healthcare provider. Please do not panic (refrain from engaging with misinformation). Care well for yourself & your family instead. Ensure physical activity, maintain regular health, be clean, stay safe & keep mentally engaged each day. Chennai families with medical needs: Get Help during lockdown. More The size and evolution of the outbreak and current knowledge on its ability to be transmitted through communities, calls for severe safety measures… Let us be mindful about the health-infrastructure in every region, the speed & rate of spread, and the impact of this new strain of coronavirus. Please call your healthcare provider and keep a check, if there has been contact with any seemingly unwell person, if you or the family travelled or met someone from an infected geographic region. Seek medical care if any member of the family shows any signs of discomfort (it is possible for people of any age to be infected with the virus, but so far relatively fewer cases of infection among children). Follow guidelines provided by your healthcare provider if you (or a member of the family) is suspected or tested positive - mainly use a mask and continue hand-hygiene & isolation practices. Stay home: stay alert, supportive, kind & calm.